One of my favorite parts of returning to my hometown is to visit the farmer’s market on Sunday mornings. I absolutely adore all the vibrant colors that is so apparent in Brazilian cultures – not just in their fruits but even in the design of their houses. I always get my fill of freshly squeezed fruit juices (my favorites being passion fruit juice or maracuja in Portuguese).

Honestly since I’m eating out most of the time, I don’t go buy fruits at the farmer’s market. I go for my favorite: pastel. There’s a wide variety of fillings, the one I ordered had shredded chicken and cheese. It’s usually paired with sugar cane juice (I got mine mixed with passion fruit of course).

I typically wouldn’t consider myself a foodie, but Brazil is an exception for me. Another thing to try in Brazil is their “hot dog”. My favorite one is at this stand. Tell him I said hello if you happen to stumble upon this treasure chest. He might remember me as the crazy Asian American girl who got overly-excited over a hot dog. But seriously, does this even count as a hot dog with that much filling?

Last but certainly not least. Go try this sandwich out. It’s from a small restaurant called Rosita. Best when paired with Guarana (a Brazilian soda).

If you ever try these out, be sure to let me know what you think!




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